Admin Dashboard Widget

Admin Dashboard Widget(requires WPPizza v3.8+) Allows you to display the WPPizza Admin Dashboard Widget in a frontend page Note: To view the widget, a user has to be logged in and have “Order History” permissions set in “Wppizza->Access Rights”, unless the “unprotected” attribute in the 


Overview – click on the links to view all available attributes Pages Type Example Description   Orderpage [wppizza type=’orderpage’] Display Orderpage User Orderhistory [wppizza type=’orderhistory’] User Orderhistory


Orderpage / Checkoutpage Display the checkout page formfields   type=’orderpage’ required string   Examples   [wppizza type=’orderpage’] – displays orderpage. Enable formfields and options as required in “WPPizza -> Orderform Settings”. The page containing this shortcode should also be set in “WPPizza -> Order Settings 

User Orderhistory

Users Orderhistory Display previous orders of user Note: The user must be a registered user. Registration (WP->Settings->anyone can register) must be enabled for this to be of any use type=’orderhistory’ required string   maxpp=’10’ optional omit| integer Maximum number of orders per page (default = 

Admin Orderhistory

Admin Orderhistory (requires WPPizza v3.5+) A compact view – basic actions – of the admin order history that can be used on any frontend page. Orders will be polled based on settings in “WPPizza->Order Settings->Order History->Polling Time”. Number of orders per page are determined by