Changes v2.x -> v3.x

A – non-comprehensive – list of the main changes between v2.x -> v3.x

  • Dedicated Customer Page in Admin (WPPizza->Customers)
  • Additional formfields validation options (WPPizza->Order Form Settings)
  • Itemised Order Details, Summary and Transaction Details now using table elements for consistency throughout
  • Admin new order notifications (audio and visual) now built in (WPPizza->Settings)
  • Admin settings are now sub-categorised somewhat more logically
  • Repurchasing option added (WPPizza->Order Settings)
  • Many more shortcode options/attributes when displaying menu items (such as using different layouts , changing element order etc) – please refer to the shortcode documentation
  • Tidy up of order history somewhat with added option (getting each customer details) and css improvements regarding responsiveness
  • Retired old default templates (email/print) in favour of only using drag and drop templates for consistency
  • Removed sticky cart option in favour of minicart
  • Any WPPizza templates edited must now reside in a wppizza sub-directory to be read (see developer docs regarding templates editing)
  • Added input field (WPPizza->Layout) to customise/override css declarations
  • Access rights (WPPizza->Access rights) now includes settings for Menu Items and Categories
  • As v3.x is a 90% re-write almost all action and filter hooks have changed – please refer to the developer documentation regarding details.
  • Much more normalized info in the wppizza_orders table for easier 3rd party plugin development
  • Various performance improvements
  • More consistency throughout