1. Modify Css / Styles / Layout
    1. Frontend Css
    2. Admin Css
  2. Templates
    1. Pages
      1. page.order.php
      2. page.confirm-order.php
      3. page.processing.php
      4. page.thankyou.php
      5. page.cancelled.php
      6. page.purchase-history.php
    2. Order
      1. itemised.php
      2. summary.php
      3. transaction_details.php
    3. Global
      1. orderinfo.php (Widget)
      2. openingtimes.php (Widget)
      3. additives.php (Widget)
      4. navigation.list.php (Widget)
      5. navigation.dropdown.php (Widget)
      6. search.php (Widget)
      7. totals.php (Widget)
      8. pickup_choice.php (Mixed)
      9. login.php (Module)
      10. profile.register.php (Module)
      11. profile.update.php (Module)
      12. pages.pickup_note.php (Module)
      13. formfields.inputs.php (Module)
      14. formfields.values.php (Module)
    4. Cart
      1. cart.container.php
      2. cart.shopclosed.php
      3. cart.empty.php
      4. cart.pickup_note.php
      5. cart.checkout_button.php
      6. cart.empty_cart_button.php
      7. cart.minimum_order.php
      8. minicart.php
    5. Loop (Menu Items)
      1. header.php
      2. no_results.php
      3. posts.title.php
      4. posts.thumbnail.php
      5. posts.prices.php
      6. posts.content.php
      7. posts.permalink.php
      8. additives.php
      9. pagination.php
      10. theme-wrapper.php
    6. Search Results
      1. search.php
    7. Single Menu Item
      1. single.php
    8. functions.php
  3. Filters, Actions, Functions
    1. Global WPPizza functions
    2. WPPizza options (Filter)
    3. Currency (Filter)
    4. After every order (Action)
    5. Getting Orders (Function)
  4. Constants
    1. Admin Name
    2. Admin Menu Icon
  5. Codesnippets
    1. Create your own sales report
    2. Order history - todays orders
    3. Add attachment to email
    4. On order status update
    5. Unconfirmed Orders
    6. Customise order id
    7. Changing post type arguments
    8. Gateway filter frontend
    9. Users previous orders
    10. Dynamic menu item prices
    11. Prices output loop
    12. Pickup Opening Times
    13. Additional validation function
  6. Extensions
    1. Google Cloudprint
    2. Cross-Sells
    3. Goodcom Printer

3.Filters, Actions, Functions


If you want to do any kind of wordpress development other than “point and click” or basics like css etc it is imperative to know how wordpress actions and filters work.
Actions/Filters let extend or change functionality of plugins/themes (or wordpress itself for that matter) without having to touch core files and therefore loosing the ability to ever update anything again or having to re-apply your changes every time a plugin or theme gets updated. (In fact editing core files is just generally a bad idea in any case)

If you do not know about wordpress actions and filters, I would recommend you use your favourite search engine and look for some tutorials (there are plenty of them available) to familiarise yourself with that concept. I promise you, once you understand how these work, a whole new world of wordpress development will open up for you.

A very very basic summary:

  • actions “do” things, filters “change” things (though the 2 are somewhat related)
  • actions/filters (generally speaking) belong in your theme’s – or better still child theme’s – functions.php

that’s it on that front for the time being….


This section aims to document the most important wppizza functions, actions and filters and will expand over time depending on user requests and general usefulness.

If you are missing anything in particular – or indeed have been customising WPPizza v2x and now wish to transfer your cutomisations to wppizza v3.x but cannot find an answer in the documentation here – contact me using the usual channels.

I will – hopefully – be able to point you in the right direction.

However, please note that some filters and actions have changed completely or have even been removed in favour of other ways to do things (like additional shortcode attributes). Furthermore, a few things have been removed entirely in wppizza v3x (mostly for consistency reasons) in favour of alternatives.

Anyway, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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