1. Modify Css / Styles / Layout
    1. Frontend Css
    2. Admin Css
  2. Templates
    1. Pages
      1. page.order.php
      2. page.confirm-order.php
      3. page.processing.php
      4. page.thankyou.php
      5. page.cancelled.php
      6. page.purchase-history.php
    2. Order
      1. itemised.php
      2. summary.php
      3. transaction_details.php
    3. Global
      1. orderinfo.php (Widget)
      2. openingtimes.php (Widget)
      3. additives.php (Widget)
      4. navigation.list.php (Widget)
      5. navigation.dropdown.php (Widget)
      6. search.php (Widget)
      7. totals.php (Widget)
      8. pickup_choice.php (Mixed)
      9. login.php (Module)
      10. profile.register.php (Module)
      11. profile.update.php (Module)
      12. pages.pickup_note.php (Module)
      13. formfields.inputs.php (Module)
      14. formfields.values.php (Module)
    4. Cart
      1. cart.container.php
      2. cart.shopclosed.php
      3. cart.empty.php
      4. cart.pickup_note.php
      5. cart.checkout_button.php
      6. cart.empty_cart_button.php
      7. cart.minimum_order.php
      8. minicart.php
    5. Loop (Menu Items)
      1. header.php
      2. no_results.php
      3. posts.title.php
      4. posts.thumbnail.php
      5. posts.prices.php
      6. posts.content.php
      7. posts.permalink.php
      8. additives.php
      9. pagination.php
      10. theme-wrapper.php
    6. Search Results
      1. search.php
    7. Single Menu Item
      1. single.php
    8. functions.php
  3. Filters, Actions, Functions
    1. Global WPPizza functions
    2. WPPizza options (Filter)
    3. Currency (Filter)
    4. After every order (Action)
    5. Getting Orders (Function)
  4. Constants
    1. Admin Name
    2. Admin Menu Icon
  5. Codesnippets
    1. Create your own sales report
    2. Order history - todays orders
    3. Add attachment to email
    4. On order status update
    5. Unconfirmed Orders
    6. Customise order id
    7. Changing post type arguments
    8. Gateway filter frontend
    9. Users previous orders
    10. Dynamic menu item prices
    11. Prices output loop
    12. Pickup Opening Times
    13. Additional validation function

2.8.wppizza / functions.php

Typically, to add your custom actions and filters you would add them to your themes or better still child-themes functions.php.
(Please see here why using a child theme for any customisation is by far the better and recommended way WordPress Child Themes)

However, if you want to keep all wppizza related filters and actions in another – perhaps more manageable place – you can also create a dedicated wppizza functions.php. This might be especially useful if you have also edited some template files directly and/or have added your custom.css in a dedicated file and have therefore already created a wppizza sub-directory of your (child)-theme.

So if you want to do that, do the following

  • CREATE – if it does not exist yet – the following directory structure in your child theme (see notes below): /[abs-path-to-wp-content]/themes/[my-child-theme]/wppizza/
  • COPY functions.php from /[abs-path-to-plugins]/wppizza/templates/functions.php to the directory we have created above, keeping the subdirectory structure intact. (you can also simply create a new functions.php file instead of copying)
  • Add all your wppizza related functions to this file instead of the child-theme’s functions.php to keep them in a somewhat more organised place.
  • Note: this file will be read AS WELL as other theme related functions.php. It’s simply an option offered for a bit more organisation in places

Although you could also use your main theme and create the above mentioned directory structure there, using a child theme is by far the better and recommended way to do this – see WordPress Child Themes

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