21.Premium Extensions: Bundles and Discounts

At the prices things are, I do not offer any discounts – other than the ones mentioned below – on premium extensions or gateways given the development and support involved.

The prices for the extensions/gateways are already as low as I can make them, to make continuous development and support worthwhile. (Even more so if considering other comparable solutions.)

There are two extension bundles, namely the “WPPizza Extensions Bundle” and the “WPPizza Essentials Bundle”.
Please note, these bundles do NOT include any gateways.

Simultaneous purchases of 3-6 or 7+ extensions will also have an automatic discount of 10% or 20% applied respectively. (Full Details)
Please note, these discounts are not applicable to any gateways or the bundles above.

I have no problem with people asking for more discounts of course. However, other than the bundles/discounts mentioned above I do not offer any discounts.

Sorry to have to disappoint.


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