20.WPPizza in other languages


On install, default values will be inserted into the localization page of WPPizza WPizza -> Localization.

If a language file already exist in the wppizza language directory – i.e [path]/wppizza/lang/wppizza-xx_XX.mo – for your language chosen in WP -> General, these will be installed, otherwise english default values will be used.

After installation simply go to WPizza -> Localization to edit / modify any text strings used in the frontend of the plugin into whatever language you need or just rename them to something which you might feel is more appropriate in your scenario

Furthermore, all frontend language strings used are WPML compatible if you want to run a multilingual website.

The above applies similarly to all premium WPPizza extensions available from at wp-pizza.com.



Admin / Backend

The administration/backend is currently only available in a few other languages apart from english and – due to the constant development of the plugin – not always completely translated.

To update an already existing admin translations for your language (using poedit; other software may work somewhat differently)

  • open [path]/wppizza/lang/wppizza-admin-xx_XX.po in place – i.e in the directory it is in
  • click “update from code” to make sure to get all current strings and/or remove obsolete strings
  • translate/update what needs translating/updating and save

To add a not yet existing admin translations for your language (using poedit; other software may work somewhat differently)

  • open [path]/wppizza/lang/wppizza-admin.pot in place – i.e in the directory it is in
  • click “update from code” to make sure to get all current strings and/or remove obsolete strings
  • click “create new translation” and select the language you want to translate into
  • save as wppizza-admin-xx_XX.po where xx_XX will be your chosen language
  • translate what needs translating and save, which will now also create the corresponding wppizza-admin-xx_XX.mo file

Once you have finished with your translation, copy/move the resulting .mo file – i.e [path]/wppizza/lang/wppizza-admin-xx_XX.mo to the [path]/wp-content/languages/plugins directory, so it does not get replaced with the original when you update the wppizza plugin next. (you probably also want to make a backup of your origonal .po file !)

Alternatively – if you have completed the entire translation – I would also be happy to include it as default in the next wppizza update if you send me the po/mo files of your completed translation.



Additional Information

If you wish to help translating the plugin(s) – even if you only have time to translate the frontened default values for future installs, please follow the steps below.


How to translate

the following files can be found in the /lang directory of the plugin

  • wppizza-en_GB.po ( approx. 250 strings / 800 words )
    – contains all string that are displayed in the frontend of a website (Note: these strings / this file will only be used on initial install of the plugin to fill default values in wppizza->localization and wppizza -> order form settings and have no relevance after the plugin has been installed to enable individual customisation of each site’s frontend strings)
  • wppizza-admin-en_GB.po ( approx. 1750 strings / 11500 words !)
    – contains all admin/backend related strings. (help screen, options labels and explanations etc. etc.)
  • you can also find the respective pot files – i.e wppizza.pot and wppizza-admin.pot – in the same directory


step by step, using – as an example – french as a language you want to translate to and poedit as your translation editor (available from https://poedit.net/):

  • copy wppizza-en_GB.po as wppizza-fr_FR.po into the same directory (i.e into wppizza/lang)
  • open the file in poedit
  • click on “update” to make sure you have all the strings (in case the original en_GB.po file was not updated for a while)
  • go to “catalogue->preferences” and change the language (in this case to french)
  • optionally change / enter the “language team”, leave the rest as is
  • click “ok” and “save”
  • copy/move this file – wppizza-fr_FR.po – somewhere save/elsewhere – so they do not get overridden by any wppizza update until thyour translations are included – and start translating
  • repeat the above with wppizza-admin-en_GB.po saving it as wppizza-admin-fr_FR.po and follow the same steps
  • when you are done translating, send me the .po files you created so I can include them in the next update of wppizza
  • PS: I will not need the .mo files that inevitably will get created when you are working on your translation

for (other) language/country combinations please refer to the documentation/codes here

if you are not using poedit, refer to your favorite translation editors documentation instead but make sure you save your files outside the wppizza/lang directory while you are working on it.

Note: as soon as I get a chance I aim to create a .pot file to, but for the moment the above will have to do.

Your efforts will be very much appreciated, not only by myself but no doubt by many other users of wppizza now and in the future as well.

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