Get only todays orders on order history page

Only display todays orders in WPPizza -> Orderhistory

if you only ever want to get todays orders on admin order history page, something like this might work for you


@param: str (the query string)
@return: str


add_filter('wppizza_filter_orders_query', 'myprefix_admin_orderhistory_query_filter');
function myprefix_admin_orderhistory_query_filter($query){
	$today = date('Y-m-d',current_time('timestamp'));
	$today_start = $today.' 00:00:00';
	$today_end = $today.' 23:59:59';

	/* edit/alter the query where clause */
	$query = str_ireplace('WHERE', 'WHERE order_date>="'.$today_start.'" AND order_date<="'.$today_end.'" AND ', $query);
return $query;