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7.Known Incompatabilities

  • (last checked with v1.7.2)
    rich reviews are forcing the/your timezone to be MST, regardless of what you have your timezone in WP set to. This will most likely interfere with your wppizza opening times set unless you happen to be in that particular timezone. (see
  • Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log – at least as of v1.7.2
    provides it’s on wp_mail function while missing the phpmailer_init action hook which breaks things. if you need another global smtp plugin, use another (such as Easy WP SMTP or WP-Mail-SMTP . Either of these should work).
    Alternativly , if you only need smtp functionality for wppizza emails, go to WPPizza->Settings and enable SMTP there
  • Polylang – at least up to v2.3.2
    Polylang hijacks WPML functionality without providing all the required functions / constants
    Until they fix this wppizza will throw fatal errors when used with polylang
    see also here
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