Layout (Menu Items, General)

If you wish to alter the display of the WPPizza menu items – alongside many other layout elements – from the installed default, use any of the options below

  • Goto “WPPizza ->Layout”

    Goto “Style” on that page and choose from one of the style options available (currently “default”, “responsive” and “grid” ) as your main / base menu item layout.

    Adjust all other layout options on that page as required
  • Change the order of how elements are displayed by adjusting the “elements” attribute of the shortcodes on your pages according to the shortcode documentation

    For full shortcode attributes list available refer to that same documentation please.
  • Adjust the css according to the css documentation here

In 99% of cases a combination of the above the should let you adjust the layout as you require to fully integrate with your chosen theme I would think (make sure you test any changes you make on multiple devices ).
However, if you still feel the need to modify the templates themselves please refer to the templates documentation