Display Openingtimes as set in WPPizza -> Openingtimes. Note: Only standard opening times will be displayed. If you are using closing hours and/or custom days, you are probably better off displaying your openingtimes in another way (arbitrary text in a textwidget for example)
type=’openingtimes’ required string  
width=’250px’ optional [int]% | [int]px Set width of element
class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container
[wppizza type='openingtimes']
– Display your *standard* openingtimes somewhere. There are plenty of css classes included if you wish to style things differently
[wppizza type='openingtimes' width='80%' class='my-class']
– Display your *standard* openingtimes somewhere. Width restricted to 80% of the parent container. ‘my-class’ added to container element.