Premium Extensions: Bundles and Discounts

At the prices things are, I do not offer any discounts – other than the ones mentioned below – on premium extensions or gateways given the development and support involved.

The prices for the premium extensions/gateways are already as low as I can make them, to make continuous development and support worthwhile. (Even more so if considering other comparable solutions – not to mention the 1000’s of hours and continuous development of the main, free WPPizza plugin itself)

Pre-defined Bundles:
There are two extension bundles, namely the “WPPizza Extensions Bundle” and the “WPPizza Essentials Bundle”.
Please note, these bundles do NOT include any gateways.

Update March 2020: Due to their inherent inflexibility, “Pre-defined Bundles” have been discontinued and are only available for renewals of existing purchases of those bundles

Multi-Purchase Discounts (“Mix ‘N’ Match”):
Simultaneous purchases of 3+, 7+ or 12+ extensions will also have an automatic discount of 10%, 20% or 30% applied respectively. (Full Details)
Please note, these discounts are not applicable to any gateways or pre-defined bundles above.

License Renewal Discounts:
License renewals are -30% off the price applicable at time of renewal. Please refer to the FAQ’s for further details regarding licensing.

License Upgrades:
Please refer to the “Upgrades” section in the FAQ’s.

I have no problem with people asking for more discounts of course. However, other than the bundles/discounts mentioned above I do not offer any discounts.

Sorry to have to disappoint.