3.4.Admin Dashboard Widget

Admin Dashboard Widget(requires WPPizza v3.8+)
Allows you to display the WPPizza Admin Dashboard Widget in a frontend page

Note: To view the widget, a user has to be logged in and have “Order History” permissions set in “Wppizza->Access Rights”, unless the “unprotected” attribute in the shortcode is set (not recommended).
type=’admin_dashboard_widget’ required string Note: the shortcode must start with [wppizza_admin
unprotected=’1′ optional bool Set to 1 to not ask for any login credentials when accessing the page – not recommended (Default: 0)
[wppizza_admin type='admin_dashboard_widget']
– display the widget
[wppizza_admin type='admin_dashboard_widget' unprotected='1']
– as above, but no login credentials will be required (If you do this, it is entirely your responsibility to protect this page from public access)
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