Note: You can also use all other non-category related attributes as listed in “By Category
bestsellers=’5′ required integer Number of bestsellers to display (Sales > 0 in descending order)
ifempty=’5,9,8,11′ optional menu item id’s, comma separated display menu items with ids 5,9,8 and 11 when no bestselleres exist yet (typically only displayed on fairly new installations)
include=’8,12′ optional menu item id’s, comma separated distinctly include menu items with ids 8,12. included/inserted according to menu items order set
[wppizza bestsellers='6' ifempty='5,9,8,11']
– display top 6 bestsellers
– display menu item id’s 5,9,8 and 11 if no bestsellers exist yet
[wppizza bestsellers='10' include='5,9,8,11']
– displays top 10 bestsellers (or fewer if less than 10 items were sold)
– distinctly add menu items with id’s 5,9,8 and 11 to list. These additionally included items will be included/inserted according to order set
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