Output the cart widget
Note: Pickup/delivery choice will automatically added underneath cart if enabled. See Wppizza->Order Settings for options.
type=’cart’ required string  
minicart=’1′ optional omit | 1 | ‘only’ omit attribute to not use minicart, 1 to enable minicart, ‘only’ to use minicart only. Additional options can be found in Wppizza->Layout : Minicart
openingtimes=’1′ optional omit | 1 omit attribute to not display opening times, 1 to display opening times above cart
orderinfo=’1′ optional omit | 1 omit attribute to not display orderinfo, 1 to display orderinfo below cart
width=’100%’ optional [int]% | [int]px set width in px or percentages
height=’350′ optional int height (in pixels) – height of the element containing selected menu items in cart. The Summary/Buttons element will have their height set dynamically as required
[wppizza type='cart' minicart='1' openingtimes='1' orderinfo='1' width='100%' height='350']
– output cart, enables minicart, adds openingtimes above cart, orderinfo (discounts, general delivery prices etc) below cart, sets width to 100%, height to 350px
[wppizza type='cart']
– output cart only, no minicart, no openingtimes, no orderinfo, default width (100%) and itemised menu items element height (250px)
[wppizza type='cart' minicart='only']
– output minicart only, all other attributes are ignored
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