2.5.Order Info

Order Info
Display list of delivery settings and/or discount settings (ul/li elements)
type=’orderinfo’ required string  
width=’250px’ optional [int]% | [int]px Set width of element
class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container
info=’discounts, deliveries’ optional discounts|deliveries Show discounts and/or delieveries info. Defaults to showing both if omitted
[wppizza type='orderinfo']
– Display both, discounts and delivery info . There are plenty of css classes included if you wish to style things differently
[wppizza type='orderinfo' info='discounts' width='80%' class='my-class']
– Display discounts only. Width restricted to 80% of the parent container. ‘my-class’ added to container element.
[wppizza type='orderinfo' info='deliveries' width='350px' class='some-class']
– Display deliveries info only. Width set to 350px. ‘some-class’ added to container element.
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