2.10.Plugin Options

Display a set WPPizza plugin option
Display the (raw, unformatted) value of an option set in the WPPizza plugin (strings only).
Use your browsers element inspector on an input element to determine the page/parameter combination.
If you need access to other parameters not returned by this shortcode (i.e something that would return an array or similar) use the global $wppizza_options; in your php code in whichever way you need to (and then do something like echo $wppizza_options['localization']['common_label_order_order_id']; for example).
type=’options’ required string  
page=’localization’ required string The admin page (slug) this option can be found on
parameter=’common_label_order_order_id’ required string The option key you want to display
[wppizza type='options' page='localization' parameter='common_label_order_order_id']
– Would simply output what you have set in “Wppizza -> Localization -> Common [Order Labels] -> order id”.
(I.e smething like “Order ID:”)
[wppizza type='options' page='order_settings' parameter='order_pickup_preparation_time']
– Display the order preparation time as set in “WPPizza->Order Settings->Pickup->Preparation Time”.
(I.e something like “30”)
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