Single Menu Items

Display Single Menu Item
Simply output one (or more) single menu item instead of menu items of a whole category
Note: You can also use all other non-category related attributes as listed in “Categories / Category Loop / By Category” (style, currency position, elements etc)
single=’6′ required integer(s) id(s) of wppizza menu item(s)
price_id=’0′ optional integer(s) only display a particular price (menu size) with this single item (simply omit to display all available)
[wppizza single='6']
– output single menu item that has id 6
[wppizza single='50,51']
– output menu items of ids 50 and 51
[wppizza single='50' price_id='0']
– output only first (meal)size of menu item with id 50
[wppizza single='50' price_id='0:1']
– output only first two (meal)size of menu item with id 50
[wppizza single='50,51' price_id='0:1:3,1']
– output only first two and forth – meal sizes id’s are zero indexed – sizes of menu item with id 50 and second only of menu item with id 51.
– I.e: use commas to separate item ids, colons separate meal sizes id’s. Make sure price_id(s) actually exist for a given menu item id

Add to cart button
output a button – with or without dropdown, depending on number of sizes available – to allow adding of a specified menu item to cart
type=’add_item_to_cart_button’ required string  
id=’6′ required integer id of wppizza menu item
size=’2′ optional integer id (zero indexed) of wppizza menu size for that item
single=’1′ optional omit | 1 set to 1 to not output dropdown choice of sizes (if any). omit attribute to automatically show sizes dropdown if available
[wppizza type='add_item_to_cart_button' id='6' size='0']
– output a button to add menu item with id 6 and size id 0 to cart. if there is more than one one size choice a dropdown will be displayed
[wppizza type='add_item_to_cart_button' id='6' size='1' single='1']
– output a button to add menu item with id 6 and size id 0 to cart. No dropdown will be displayed. Button will only add ID=6 Size=1 to the cart