8.Update Failed: Plugin Update Failed

The – most likely – cause for this error is a file/directory permission issue, especially if – at some point – you updated plugins directly by using ftp.

For a possible solution have a look at
and generally
of course.

If none of that helps, you can also do the following:

(It is always advisable to make a full backup of your site first if things should go wrong for some reason !)

  • De-activate the plugin(s) in question but DO NOT UNINSTALL them (if you uninstall, you WILL loose your settings related to the plugin you uninstalled)
  • Download the updated/latest versions of the plugin(s) from
  • Unzip the downloaded update(s) somewhere
  • Ftp into your site and simply overwrite the plugin files with the updated ones you unzipped earlier(typically found in [path]/wp-contents/plugins/[plugin-in-question]/[files|dirs to overwrite])
  • Note: if you do that you *might* change file permissions/ownership and subsequently get the (same) issue you are having regarding updates – then again as you are using ftp because you already have that issue, it wont change anything really)
  • Re-activate the plugin(s) from within the WP dashboard – it will update what needs to be updated
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