If you are familiar with Wppizza you might want to perhaps skip certain data for new installations. To do so, you can overwrite the following constants by adding them to your wp-config.php

If you are new to WPPizza, I would suggest to not use any of the constants below to be able to familiarize yourself with the plugin and see how it works using the pre-installed example data

Note: Below constants only impact the initial installation of the plugin. Setting these constants AFTER you have installed the plugin, has NO impact.


a) WPPIZZA_INSTALL_REQUIRED_ONLY – set to true to only install required data such as order page and root menu page.
No default items, categories or user history page will be installed



b) WPPIZZA_INSTALL_NO_MENU_ITEMS – set to true to not install any default menu items or categories



c) WPPIZZA_INSTALL_NO_DEFAULTS – If set to true NO Wppizza defaults will be installed (not even required pages). If you use this constant you will have to create the required pages with their relevant shortcodes yourself as well as setting the relevant parameters in the plugin.



d) WPPIZZA_INSTALL_IGNORE_REQUIREMENTS – By default certain server/php requirements are checked when you install the plugin and will stop the plugin from being activated if those have not been met. If you want to bypass this check , set the below constant
(doing so might of course cause issues when using the plugin)



constants above should be added to your wp-config.php somewhere before
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