After every order

Run an action after every successful completed order


if you want run an action (i.e your own function/plugin) after an order has been successfully completed, you can hook into wppizza_on_order_execute

@param: int
@param: array (formatted array of order details)
@param: array (an array of print templates output as set in WPPizza ->Templates print can be added to be available as 3rd parameter in the action hook – see below)
@return: void


add_action('wppizza_on_order_execute', 'my_prefix_my_action', 10, 3);
function my_prefix_my_action($order_id, $order_details, $print_templates){
		do something that happens after 
		each order has bee completed


if also want to have the output of a print template available in the function of the above action add the relevant id’s like so

add_filter('wppizza_on_order_execute_get_print_templates_by_id', 'my_prefix_my_filter');
function my_prefix_my_filter($template_ids){
	 add details of a template id defined in WPPizza -> Templates -> Print
	 for it to be available in subsequent wppizza_on_order_execute action hook as 3rd parameter

	$template_ids[] = 3;/* get details of print template with id 3 */

return $template_ids;