WPPizza options

Filtering wppizza options (for you own plugin development for example)


if you want change any WPPizza option values depending on some arbitrary setting and or write a plugin that dynamically changes values or any other things that you can think of that needs a WPPizza option to be dynamically change in the frontend the following filter will probably be your main starting point

@param: array ($wppizza_options)
@return: array (return all/filtered options set for the WPPizza plugin)


add_filter('wppizza_filter_options', 'my_prefix_my_options');
function my_prefix_my_options($wppizza_options){
	 do something that requires changing an option
	 perhaps utilising some of the global functions that can be found here
	 use print_r($wppizza_options) to get/see all wppizza options array
	 the keys/values should be quite self-explanatory I would think
	 so, as an example (though somewhat useless and just to demonstrate), closing the shop on pickup 
		$wppizza_options['openingtimes']['close_shop_now'] = true;

/* IMPORTANT: you MUST NOT EVER forget to return $wppizza_options here */
return $wppizza_options;