Layout (Menu Items, General)

If you wish to alter the display of the WPPizza menu items – alongside many other layout elements – from the installed default, use any of the options below Goto “WPPizza ->Layout” Goto “Style” on that page and choose from one of the style options 

Frontend Css / Styles / Layout

Although the css has been written so that it works with many themes out of the box (see – all themes use the same default stylesheet) it is also deliberately kept quite bland. So the chances are, you will probably want to adjust some 

Modify Css / Styles / Layout

please refer to the relevant sub-sections depending on whether you want to edit frontend or admin styles / css

Admin Css / Styles / Layout

As with the frontend, CREATE the following directory structure in your child theme: /[absolute]/[path]/[to]/wp-content/themes/[my-child-theme]/wppizza/css/ Recommended Way: if you want to customise some admin css declarations, CREATE styles-admin-custom.css in /[absolute]/[path]/[to]/wp-content/themes/[my-child-theme]/wppizza/css/ and add your declarations as required. This file file be read AFTER the main admin css.