Customise order id

A filter to further ( or use instead) modify the order number than is possible in WPPizza->Order Settings->Global

Note, this will NOT change the entry in the db. Only in emails and order history.
if you change this filter at any time later , the order history will display this new value whereas already sent emails will not (clearly)
in short – as with all code snippets – use at your own risk


@param: str (transaction id )
@param: id (order id as captured in db)
@return: str (filtered results)

Note: this filter will run before the filter that is used in WPPizza->Order Settings->Global to add the id


add_filter('wppizza_custom_transaction_id', 'my_custom_transaction_id', 10, 2);
function my_custom_transaction_id($transaction_id, $order_id){
	do whatever you need to do with the $transactionId
	like adding '/abc'  after it
	$transaction_id .= '/abc';
	 or to show db id only 
	$transaction_id = $order_id ;
	 or to add 123/ before
	$transaction_id = '123/' . $transaction_id ;

return $transaction_id;