11.How do the orders get to my restaurant ?

Orders are sent by email.
The information that will be received in each email will depend on your settings in WPPizza -> Templates -> Emails (Tab at the top).
In WPPizza -> Settings you will also find a settings named “New Order Notifications” which will allow to to enable visual as well as audio notifications when logged into the WordPress administration.

Furthermore, there is also the “WPPizza Google Cloudprint” extension available if you want to send any orders directly to a cloudprint enabled printer.

Google has discontinued cloudprint as of end 2020, but there is now the “Autoprint” alternative available here

Additional notification options are also available utilising the WPPizza – Confirm | Reject | Notify Plugin.

There is also the option to add a somewhat more compact order history to one of your “normal” wordpress pages which can resides outside of the wordpress administration interface by using the appropriate shortcode

If you need orders to be sent by fax for example you will have to look into integrating your orders with an email2fax gateway (search for it on your favourite search engine).

Or you can perhaps also integrate some other custom solution, based on the “wppizza_on_order_execute” action hook
See : https://docs.wp-pizza.com/developers/?section=action-wppizza_on_order_execute

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