Google Cloudprint

Filters available using WPPizza Google Cloudprint


Sending the second copy of an order to a different printer (id) set in the same google cloudprint account. The Number of copies in the plugin settings WPPizza->Cloudprintmust be set to 2 or more for this to have any effect.

@param: str (printer id)
@param: int (current copy )
@return: str (printer id)

add_filter('wppizza_gcp_filter_copies', 'myprefix_gpc_set_printerid', 10, 2);
function myprefix_gpc_set_printerid($printer_id, $copy){
	/* set a different printer id for the second copy */
		$printer_id = 'some-printer-id-you-need-to set';/* set the printer id here */
return $printer_id;