Display WPPizza Catgory Navigation. Only categories with active menu items will be displayed in hierarchical order set in WPPizza->Categories.
Please note: This widget/shortcode is only really useful if using install option 2 !!!
Please note: This is only really useful if using install option 2 !!
type=’navigation’ required string  
title=’some title’ optional string Adding additional topmost list element. Only if not displayed as dropdown
parent=’slug-name’ optional slug only show child categories of this slug
exclude=’6,5,8′ optional id comma separated ids of categories you wish to exclude
as_dropdown=’1′ optional omit | 1 display categories as dropdown instead of list
[wppizza type='navigation' title='My Title']
– Display full hierarchical category list with topmost element named ‘My Title’ (omitting empty categories)
[wppizza type='navigation' parent='pizza' exclude='114, 115' as_dropdown='1']
– Display only show child categories of set parent slug ‘pizza’. Exclude Categories with ids 114 or 115. Display as dropdown instead of list.