NOTE: If using a search widget/shortcode that includes wppizza menu items, you should set up a single.php template single item template
type=’search’ required string  
include=’wppizza’ optional wppizza,post,page (comma separated) What to include in search results (WPPizza menu items, WP posts, WP pages)
loggedinonly=’1′ optional omit|0|1 Set to 1 to show widget to logged in users only
class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container
[wppizza type='search' include='wppizza,post']
– Display search widget. Searches WPPizza menu items and WordPress Posts, NOT WordPress Pages. Visible to all users.
[wppizza type='search' include='wppizza,post,page' loggedinonly='1' class='some-class']
– Display search widget. Searches WPPizza menu items, WordPress Posts, WordPress Pages. Only visible for logged in users with “some-class” added to element.