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Type Example Description
Instead of using WPPizza widgets you could also use shortcodes to display these in non-widgetised or in other arbitrary areas
Cart [wppizza type=’cart’] the WPPizza cart widget
Minicart [wppizza type=’minicart’] Display minicart
Totals [wppizza type=’totals’] A barely styled very small basic totals widget to use as required
Additives [wppizza type=’additives’] Display of all defined additives
Orderinfo [wppizza type=’orderinfo’] Shows orderinfo (discounts etc)
Openingtimes [wppizza type=’openingtimes’] Display opening times
Pickup Choices [wppizza type=’pickup_choices’] Show pickup/delivery choice
Navigation [wppizza type=’navigation’] Navigation widget (only useful with Install Option 2 !!)
Search [wppizza type=’search’] Wppizza searchbox