wppizza / markup / loop / no_results.php

Menu items – No results

Note: many display options are also available by simply using the relevant shortcode attributes instead of using filters

CSS Targeting

  • div element class: .wppizza-no_results_found
  • Use your browsers element inspector to identify all classes and id’s

if you simply want to edit some styles/layout (text-sizes, color, margins, paddings etc etc ) it is strongly recommended to use css instead of filters/actions. Please refer to Modify Styles/Layout


 <div>no results found text</div>

Filters available

apply filters by adding them to your child-theme’s functions.php (notes regarding functions.php).

  • filter name: wppizza_filter_noresults_class
    purpose: modify classes used

    @param: $classes array (array of classes used in wrapper div)
    @return: array

    add_filter('wppizza_filter_noresults_class', 'prefix_filter_noresults_class');
    function prefix_filter_noresults_class($classes){
    	/* adding your own class name */
    	$classes[] ='my-class';
    return $classes;
  • filter name: wppizza_filter_menu_noresults_markup
    purpose: modify output of element

    @param: $markup array (array of markup elements)
    @param: $style string (style used – default|responsive|grid)

    @return: array


    add_filter('wppizza_filter_menu_noresults_markup', 'prefix_filter_menu_noresults_markup', 10 ,2);
    function prefix_filter_menu_header_markup($markup, $style){
    		use print_r($markup) to view markup array keys with their respective markup
    		use print_r($style) to view style used ( default|responsive|grid )
    		use global $wppizza_options; to access all options/settings/localization strings etc set in the plugin 
    	/* example: adding a paragraph AFTER all elements */
    	$markup['my_new_markup'] = '<p>more text after</p>'; 
    	/* example: adding a paragraph BEFORE all elements */
    	$new_markup = array();
    	$new_markup['my_new_markup'] = '<p>more text before</p>'; 
    	$new_markup += $markup; # add original markup after
    	return $new_markup ; # return new markup
    	/* example: adding a another paragraph BEFORE div element using helper function*/
    	$splice_before['my_new_markup']  = '<p>more text before</p>'; 
    	$markup = wppizza_array_splice($markup, $splice_before, 'no_results_', true );
    	/* example: adding a another paragraph AFTER div element using helper function*/
    	$splice_after['my_new_markup']  = '<p>more text after</p>'; 
    	$markup = wppizza_array_splice($markup, $splice_after, '_no_results');
    	/* example: using actions of another plugin that by default outputs html to add it after  all elements */
    	ob_start(); # start buffering
    	do_action('other_plugin_output'); # run action of other plugin that outputs things
    	$buffer= ob_get_contents(); # capture buffer in variable
    	ob_end_clean(); # clean buffer			
    	$markup['my_new_markup'] = $buffer; # add buffered output 
    return $markup;

Actions available

  • none

Editing files directly

ensure you have also read the Modify/Edit Templates

basepath: [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup

filepath: [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/no_results.php

Modules used in file

  • none

Module used by other template file(s)

  • none