wppizza / markup / loop

Category loop – displaying menu items in category/ies depending on shortcode

CSS Targeting

  • Use your browsers element inspector to identify all classes and id’s for each element

if you simply want to edit some styles/layout (text-sizes, color, margins, paddings etc etc ) it is strongly recommended to use css instead of filters/actions. Please refer to Modify Styles/Layout


Note: This is an overview . The actual structure is dependent on the shortcode attributes used as well as WPPizza -> Layout settings

 /* category header/description (if not omitted) */
 <header> [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/header.php </header>
 /* if no results */
 <div> [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/no_results.php </div>

 /* menu items loop if results - for each menu item*/

	actual element order and or visibility depends on shortcode attributes, 
	style in use and WPPizza -> Layout settings
	/* menu item title with additive idents (if any) */
	<h2 -> span -> sub > [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/posts.title.php </div>

	/* menu item thumbnails|placeholders (if any|used)*/
	<div -> img|div > [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/posts.thumbnail.php </div>

	/* menu item prices */
	<div -> ul -> li ...> [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/posts.prices.php </div>

	/* menu item text/content*/
	<p> [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/posts.content.php </div>

	/* permalink to single menu item (if used) */
	<span -> a > [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/posts.permalink.php </span>

	/* category (name) (if used) */
	<div -> a > [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/posts.category.php </div>


 /* additives - if required to be displayed or specifically set by shortcode */
 <div> [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/additives.php </div>

 /* pagination - if necessary */
 <div> [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/loop/pagination.php </div>

Filters available

many display options are available by simply using the relevant shortcode attributes or layout settings available in WPPizza -> Layout instead of using filters

please refer to the filters in the documentation of each file that is being used for the menu items loop by clicking on the links below. basepath: [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup

Actions available

  • none

Editing files directly

ensure you have also read the “Modify/Edit Templates – Readme”

basepath: [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup

Modules used in file

Module used by other template file(s)

  • none