wppizza / markup / order / transaction_details.php

Order transaction details in thank you page and users purchase history page

CSS Targeting

  • Wrapper table element class: .wppizza-transaction-details

if you simply want to edit some styles/layout (text-sizes, color, margins, paddings etc etc ) it is strongly recommended to use css instead of filters/actions. Please refer to Modify Styles/Layout


Note: rows (i.e divs in this case) may be dynamically added or removed, depending on plugin settings and order status. Generally however the structure is as follows. Use your browsers element inspector to determine assigned classes and id’s.


	 <label> label </label>
	 <span> value </span>


Filters available

apply filters by adding them to your child-theme’s functions.php (notes regarding functions.php)

  • filter name: wppizza_filter_order_transactiondetails_markup
    purpose: modify output of summary of order

    @param: $markup array (array of markup elements)
    @param: $transaction_details array (array transaction_details paramaters)
    @param: $type str (identifier for page(s) or cart )

    @return: array


    add_filter('wppizza_filter_order_transactiondetails_markup', 'prefix_filter_order_transactiondetails_markup', 10, 3);
    function prefix_filter_order_transactiondetails_markup($markup, $transaction_details, $type){
    		use print_r($markup) to view markup array keys with their respective markup
    		use print_r($transaction_details) to view array of transaction_details parameters
    		use print_r($type) to get string that gets the caller page
    		use global $wppizza_options; to access all options/settings/localization strings etc set in the plugin 
    	/* example: adding a paragraph AFTER all elements */
    	$markup['my_new_markup'] = '<p>more text after last div</p>'; 
    	/* example: adding a paragraph BEFORE all elements */
    	$new_markup = array();
    	$new_markup['my_new_markup'] = '<p>more text before first div</p>'; 
    	$new_markup += $markup; # add original markup after
    	return $new_markup ; # return new markup
    	/* example: adding a another div BEFORE payment_type div element using helper function*/
    	$splice_before['my_new_markup']  = '<p>more text before payment_type div</p>'; 
    	$markup = wppizza_array_splice($markup, $splice_before, 'div_payment_type_', true );
    	/* example: adding a another div AFTER payment_type div element using helper function*/
    	$splice_after['my_new_markup']  = '<p>more text after payment_type div</p>'; 
    	$markup = wppizza_array_splice($markup, $splice_after, '_div_payment_type');
    	/* example: using actions of another plugin that by default outputs html to add it after  all elements */
    	ob_start(); # start buffering
    	do_action('other_plugin_output'); # run action of other plugin that outputs things
    	$buffer= ob_get_contents(); # capture buffer in variable
    	ob_end_clean(); # clean buffer			
    	$markup['my_new_markup'] = $buffer; # add buffered output 
    return $markup;

Actions available

  • none

Editing files directly

ensure you have also read the Modify/Edit Templates

basepath: [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup

filepath: [plugin-path]/wppizza/templates/markup/order/summary.php

Modules used in file

  • none

Module used by template file(s)

  • [basepath]/pages/page.thankyou.php
  • [basepath]/pages/page.purchase-history.php