Checkout Formfields

Modify the customer form fields available on the checkout page A few examples as to how you can show/hide/add/modify input formfields available on the checkout page Simple show/hide formfields using css selectors If you wish to simply show hide some formfields when an order is 

Email Subject Line

Change the default subject line used in emails wppizza_filter_email_subject /*** email subject lines are made up of 3 parts filter each part as required based on your preferences ****/ add_filter(‘wppizza_filter_email_subject’, ‘myprefix_filter_email_subject’, 10, 2); function myprefix_filter_email_subject($subject, $order_formatted){ /* defaults //dynamic depending on settings in wppizza order 

Pickup Opening Times

Change opening times when pickup is selected example to have different openingtimes if a user chooses pickup (pickup must of course be enabled to start off with) A) set the opening times when the customer has selected pickup @param: bool @return: bool example function myprefix_set_pickup_opening_times: 


Codesnippets, using hooks and filters for the wppizza plugin to use in your own development as required

Unconfirmed Orders

Mark orders as unconfirmed initially until some script/user interaction accepts the order. Requires wppizza 3.3 (but might also work with slightly earlier versions) Note: the basics of this are tested, but further modifications will be required. Read the notes for each filter/action below. This might 

Add file attachment to email

Adding an arbitrary file attachment to an email – REQUIRES WPPizza v3.2.10 wppizza_filter_mail_attachments alter the filepath and file contents as well as the recipient key according to your requirements. @param: array (current attachments) @param: str (recipient) @param: array (email settings) @param: array (formatted order details) 

Create your own sales report

Modify the sales report generated when clicking the export link in WPPizza -> Reports The sales report can be manipulated using a variety of filters/actions according to the examples below. Depending on your requirements, you might need to use one, more or all of them. 

Get only todays orders on order history page

Only display todays orders in WPPizza -> Orderhistory if you only ever want to get todays orders on admin order history page, something like this might work for you wppizza_filter_orders_query @param: str (the query string) @return: str example: add_filter(‘wppizza_filter_orders_query’, ‘myprefix_admin_orderhistory_query_filter’); function myprefix_admin_orderhistory_query_filter($query){ $today = date(‘Y-m-d’,current_time(‘timestamp’)); 

Email/Print Templates

Email / Print template functions – Requires WPPizza v3.9.3+ wppizza_template_parameters / wppizza_template_markup (functions) query for a certain set of orders and return print or email template markup – according to template selected – for each order example : /********************************************************* * [get email or print template 

On (admin) order status update

Sending an email whenever you change the status of an order in WPPizza -> Orderhistory send an email (or whatever else it is you would like to do) when you change the status of an order in the order history wppizza_on_orderstatus_change @param: array (order details)