On (admin) order status update

Sending an email whenever you change the status of an order in WPPizza -> Orderhistory send an email (or whatever else it is you would like to do) when you change the status of an order in the order history wppizza_on_orderstatus_change @param: array (order details) 

Customise order id

A filter to further ( or use instead) modify the order number than is possible in WPPizza->Order Settings->Global Note, this will NOT change the entry in the db. Only in emails and order history. if you change this filter at any time later , the 

Gateway filters frontend

Conditionally display gateways if you wanted to disable a gateway conditionally (lets say no cash on delivery for non logged in users) you could add this to your themes functions.php wppizza_filter_gateways_orderpage @param: array @return: array example: add_filter(‘wppizza_filter_gateways_orderpage’, ‘my_custom_gateways_filter’); function my_custom_gateways_filter($gateways){ /* disable Cash on delivery 

Get (logged in) users previous order details

Gettings ome info about a logged in users previous orders programatically the ‘wp’ action hooks is only for demonstration purposes. you will probably want to use another action or filter hook as required /* change wp hook to whatever is appropriate */ add_action(‘wp’, ‘my_custom_loggedin_customer’); function 

Change prices of menu item(s) depending on day of week

Dynamically change menu items prices depending on weekday a filter to change menu items prices depending on day of week. To use in your theme‚Äôs functions.php using the wordpress standard get_post_metadata filter get_post_metadata (wordpress standard filter) @param: array @return: array example: /*** change “myprefix” occurences 

Prices output in loop

Dynamically change menu items prices display in loop an example to add “from” in front of a particular menu item’s price wppizza_filter_post_prices @param: array @param: obj @param: str @return: array example: add_filter(‘wppizza_filter_post_prices’, ‘myprefix_wppizza_item_prices’, 10, 3); function myprefix_wppizza_item_prices($prices, $post, $style) { /* add “from” before price 

Additional validation function

Adding additional validation functions to fields in WPPizza -> Order form There are a number of additional javascript validation functions in-built into the plugin. However, aside from the default ones you can already select you have to selectively enable the ones that are of use