Getting Orders

Querying for WPPizza Orders (WPPizza v3.5+ only) wppizza_get_orders($args) if you want to develop you own script/plugin etc based on any wppizza orders, please refer to the documentation below Note: Result sets will always be sorted by order date in descending order     @ since 

Filters, Actions, Functions

Preamble: If you want to do any kind of wordpress development other than “point and click” or basics like css etc it is imperative to know how wordpress actions and filters work. Actions/Filters let extend or change functionality of plugins/themes (or wordpress itself for that 

Changing post type arguments

Altering WPPizza custom post type and taxonomy labels and arguments there are several filters you can use to change the WPPizza custom post type as well as taxonomies labels, arguments. Please refer to WordPress codex regarding register_posttype and register_taxonomy. wppizza_filter_cpt_lbls filter wppizza custom post type 

Global WPPizza functions

Below you will find a number of globally available WPPizza related functions you could use in your own plugin development or for use in filters / actions wppizza_is_checkout (alias of wppizza_is_orderpage) determine if the current page the user is on is the WPPizza checkout page 

WPPizza options

Filtering wppizza options (for you own plugin development for example) wppizza_filter_options if you want change any WPPizza option values depending on some arbitrary setting and or write a plugin that dynamically changes values or any other things that you can think of that needs a 

After every order

Run an action after every successful completed order wppizza_on_order_execute if you want run an action (i.e your own function/plugin) after an order has been successfully completed, you can hook into wppizza_on_order_execute @param: int @param: array (formatted array of order details) @param: array (an array of 


change the currency symbol or add a new currency wppizza_filter_currencies if you want change currency symbols for a given currency or indeed need to add a new one in case your currency is missing from the 140+ already available @param: array (array of all currencies