How do the orders get to my restaurant ?

Orders are sent by email. The information that will be received in each email will depend on your settings in WPPizza -> Templates -> Emails (Tab at the top). In WPPizza -> Settings you will also find a settings named “New Order Notifications” which will 

Sending html emails

By default emails will be sent as plaintext. If you wish to change this to be HTML simply go to WPPizza -> Templates and change the format from “Plaintext” to “HTML”. Once you have done so, the grayed out button that let’s you edit email 

Can I just display the menu without offering online order ?

Sure. There are various options/possibilities depending what you want to achieve: Just don’t display the shoppingcart anywhere. If you choose to do this, you might also want to delete any orderpage you might have (as there’s nothing to order). If you still want to show 

Best theme to use for WPPizza

I really cannot suggest the ideal/best theme for you to use with the wppizza plugin or whether your particular theme works/is compatible with the plugin. There are literally 1000’s of themes – free and premium – and, although it has been tested with many of 

WPPizza smtp settings – gmail

though the following might not be applicable to absolutely all server setups the following should apply to most if you want to use gmail for SMTP delivery (wppizza->settings->SMTP section) SMTP Host: SMTP Port: 465 SMTP Encryption: SSL SMTP Username: [email protected] SMTP Password: generate according 

Using a cache plugin

Generally WPPizza will do it’s best to try to automatically determine if caching is being used and tries to ensure the order page is not being cached. However, it might not always be 100% reliable or possible to determine depending on caching (plugin) used or 

Autoprint order

Short Answer: you can’t. (well, you can, up to a point – see below) as – simplistically speaking – websites cannot access hardware and make it do things. just imagine one were to be able to write script of some sort that accesses your/any printer 

Removing version numbers

The below isn’t really about WPPizza in particular but WordPress in general, and I feel the need to state why removing version numbers from WordPress javascript or css files – either by some custom filtering, using some plugin or even having this kind of thing 

Integration with POS systems

as all POS systems are different, might not provide an API or, if so, have their own non-generic API implementation, no plans exist at the moment to integrate a generically usable integration of the plugin with any POS system ( as there simply isn’t any that 

Premium Extensions: Bundles and Discounts

At the prices things are, I do not offer any discounts – other than the ones mentioned below – on premium extensions or gateways given the development and support involved. The prices for the premium extensions/gateways are already as low as I can make them,