Overview – click on the links to view all available attributes Widgets Type Example Description Instead of using WPPizza widgets you could also use shortcodes to display these in non-widgetised or in other arbitrary areas Cart [wppizza type=’cart’] the WPPizza cart widget Minicart [wppizza type=’minicart’] 


Cart Output the cart widget Note: Pickup/delivery choice will automatically added underneath cart if enabled. See Wppizza->Order Settings for options. type=’cart’ required string   minicart=’1′ optional omit | 1 | ‘only’ omit attribute to not use minicart, 1 to enable minicart, ‘only’ to use minicart 


Minicart Display the minicart Note: only one instance of the minicart will ever be displayed, regardles how many times it has been enabled/added type=’minicart’ required string   Examples   [wppizza type=’minicart’] – enable minicart. Additional layout options available under “Wppizza->Layout : Minicart”. Only one minicart 


Totals A small shoppingcart, barely styled. If used you will probably want to use your own custom style/css somewhere. Will not be displayed on Orderpage.   type=’totals’ required string   itemcount=’left’ optional omit|left|right Set location to display item count left or right. Omit to not 


Additives Display all additives as set in “WPPizza -> Additives”.   type=’additives’ required string   class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container Examples   [wppizza type=’additives’] – Display all your additives somewhere. There are plenty of css classes 

Order Info

Order Info Display list of delivery settings and/or discount settings (ul/li elements)   type=’orderinfo’ required string   width=’250px’ optional [int]% | [int]px Set width of element class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container info=’discounts, deliveries’ optional discounts|deliveries Show 


Openingtimes Display Openingtimes as set in WPPizza -> Openingtimes. Note: Only standard opening times will be displayed. If you are using closing hours and/or custom days, you are probably better off displaying your openingtimes in another way (arbitrary text in a textwidget for example)   

Pickup Choices

Pickup Choices Display the option to choose between pickup and delivery. Pickup option must be enabled in “Wppizza -> Order Settings -> Pickup : Allow order pickup by customer” for this to do anything.   type=’pickup_choices’ required string   toggle=’1′ optional omit|0|1 omit -> default 


Navigation Display WPPizza Catgory Navigation. Only categories with active menu items will be displayed in hierarchical order set in WPPizza->Categories. Please note: This widget/shortcode is only really useful if using install option 2 !!! Please note: This is only really useful if using install option 


Search NOTE: If using a search widget/shortcode that includes wppizza menu items, you should set up a single.php template single item template   type=’search’ required string   include=’wppizza’ optional wppizza,post,page (comma separated) What to include in search results (WPPizza menu items, WP posts, WP pages)