Plugin Options

Display a set WPPizza plugin option Display the (raw, unformatted) value of an option set in the WPPizza plugin (strings only). Use your browsers element inspector on an input element to determine the page/parameter combination. If you need access to other parameters not returned by 


Overview – click on the links to view all available attributes Widgets Type Example Description Instead of using WPPizza widgets you could also use shortcodes to display these in non-widgetised or in other arbitrary areas Cart [wppizza type=’cart’] the WPPizza cart widget Minicart [wppizza type=’minicart’] 


Cart Output the cart widget Note: Pickup/delivery choice will automatically added underneath cart if enabled. See Wppizza->Order Settings for options. type=’cart’ required string   minicart=’1′ optional omit | 1 | ‘only’ omit attribute to not use minicart, 1 to enable minicart, ‘only’ to use minicart 


Minicart Display the minicart Note: only one instance of the minicart will ever be displayed, regardles how many times it has been enabled/added type=’minicart’ required string   Examples   [wppizza type=’minicart’] – enable minicart. Additional layout options available under “Wppizza->Layout : Minicart”. Only one minicart 


Totals A small shoppingcart, barely styled. If used you will probably want to use your own custom style/css somewhere. Will not be displayed on Orderpage.   type=’totals’ required string   itemcount=’left’ optional omit|left|right Set location to display item count left or right. Omit to not 


Additives Display all additives as set in “WPPizza -> Additives”.   type=’additives’ required string   class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container Examples   [wppizza type=’additives’] – Display all your additives somewhere. There are plenty of css classes 

Order Info

Order Info Display list of delivery settings and/or discount settings (ul/li elements)   type=’orderinfo’ required string   width=’250px’ optional [int]% | [int]px Set width of element class=’some-class’ optional valid class name Add your own class name to the widget container info=’discounts, deliveries’ optional discounts|deliveries Show 


Openingtimes Display Openingtimes as set in WPPizza -> Openingtimes. Note: Only standard opening times will be displayed. If you are using closing hours and/or custom days, you are probably better off displaying your openingtimes in another way (arbitrary text in a textwidget for example)   

Pickup Choices

Pickup Choices Display the option to choose between pickup and delivery. Pickup option must be enabled in “Wppizza -> Order Settings -> Pickup : Allow order pickup by customer” for this to do anything.   type=’pickup_choices’ required string   toggle=’1′ optional omit|0|1 omit -> default 


Navigation Display WPPizza Catgory Navigation. Only categories with active menu items will be displayed in hierarchical order set in WPPizza->Categories. Please note: This widget/shortcode is only really useful if using install option 2 !!! Please note: This is only really useful if using install option